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Wickedness does not bring #stability...Recognize the difference between godly advice and wicked plans.

If we're not careful...we can ALL end up in GOD's judgement.

We as preachers can't tell people the do's and don'ts of the bible and then punish them...yet we're doing the very same things.

Raising children is a job that we commit to...while we DON'T know what we're doing. It's okay to punish when necessary...but we also have to know when to show grace to them.

To the children...obey your Parents. (why?) Because you belong to the LORD.

GOD says not to covet others belongings...(very dangerous)

Do you sing to the LORD?

Let the godly rejoice in HIS presence...let them be filled with joy.

Law came through Moses...but unfailing love and faithfulness came via Jesus Christ.

Yes...GOD gave this right to those who believe HIM and accepts HIM...(But this "right" is available to everyone all over the world.)

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