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We follow Him and nobody else...we can't.

Because GOD...has us in His one can destroy any of us.

GOD hid Melchizedek's identity from us...why? How?

Melchizedek...King of Salem...the most powerful King that most people have NEVER heard of. Can you guess who He really is?

God under oath Part 2

God has made promises over the years...and He's been living up to every one of those promises. People are putting their trust in him while removing their trust from other inanimate...

God under oath Part 1

We live in a world where everything is unsure...but we also have a God who sure and can't/won't lie about anything...especially concerning what He's promised to human kind.

GOD has always setup a way of escape for people want to escape trouble...especially when bad people uses words and actions to start trouble for those trying to escape.

Great proverb...ask GOD for wisdom in everything. It is wise to ask GOD for guidance. And when He're more enlightened than most people.

Ask GOD for mercy...everyday. (Even if you know that you haven't done anything...still ask for mercy...and you show mercy to other people.)

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